Support 365 For IT Management

Looking for Accessorial or Endpoint IT management?
Well, we present before you our Support365® EP- the perfect solution for endpoint IT management.
Endpoint IT Management

Our Support365® EP feature is designed such that it provides full lifecycle management. The dedicated features of the Support365® EP include eliminating the bug-free scans, management of the software license, generating monthly reports and other end user supports completely backed up by our customer service helpline.

Help Desk
Our motive is to provide you with boundless customer support. For the sole purpose, we are acquainting you with my HelpDesk™Mobile App.

The App includes giving help and support desk round the clock, responsiveness to the issues and updating with issues with our call-back scheduling.

The Upgrading Options included for IT managed services for:

  • Active Security Management
  • Unlimited Live Help Desk 12×5
  • Unlimited Live Help Desk 24×7
  • Peer to Peer Network Management

Our Support365® EP+ gives Solutions for Endpoint IT management as we have paired with a brand new Dell PC. You are only charged with nothing except the monthly user management fee according to the plan (Standard, Power, or premium).