Architecture and Construction Engineering

Architecture and Construction Engineering CAD Capabilities

  • Add your content…2D drafting & 3D modeling of residential and commercial plans and layouts
  • Surveys & layouts for NY residential & commercial projects
  • Bridge and tunnel plans
  • Earthwork & Roadway designs including soil grading and elevation
  • Traffic light diagrams
  • Design layouts with templates and built-in documentation
  • Piping layouts, and irrigation system diagrams and layouts
  • Interior & Exterior design, plan and layouts
  • 3D animation and Walkthrough for residential, commercial, and industrial developers
  • Legacy data conversion, 2d to 3d conversion services
  • NY BOMA/CAFM services for property owners, managers, & brokers which includes Masterplans, facility management, area calculations, lease exhibits, test fit plan etc.

Architecture and Construction Engineering CAD Capabilities

  • Fast and Easy Meshing to FEA
  • Structural form-finding and multidisciplinary optimization
  • Structural analysis of beams and building
  • Seismic and wind calculation

Carpet Estimator for Architecture and Construction Engineering

We are having expertise for Measure RFMS who assist and help you to define the various materials necessity and also quality as per your requirement to accomplish the project based upon maneuvers, various codes and standards, specifications provided from client side. Our professionals work on the take-offs and estimate the material which is to be used. We require the specifications and maneuvers on the secure FTP server online, so it will easy for our professionals to download it and can work smoothly on it. After that final estimation will be supplied to you.

Our Carpet estimator expert follows the following procedures:

  • Generate report of material takeoffs using RFMS
  • Understand plans/maneuvers and plan which material is required for the particular site
  • Deep study of plans to estimate how much quantity of material is required
  • Generate carpet seaming diagram for proper understanding
  • Define the quantity of material to be used on site
  • Keeps all the plans/maneuvers and reports safely for imminent references

Our network is well protected with hardware firewalls and updated anti-virus software. Additionally all document storage is well protected and no unauthorized person is allowed to enter the premises. A secure dedicated ftp server is utilized for data transfer of large files and data storage devices are password protected.

We understand our client’s concerns regarding confidentiality. All data provided by the client will be kept confidential and will be the property of the client. Our firm and staff agree that no information regarding the project will be disclosed to any third party, without the prior consent of the client. If requested by the client, we have no issues signing a non-disclosure agreement for any project.